35 Facts Between A Dog And A First-time Dog Owner

You wished to have a dog throughout your life. Whenever you see someone with a doggy, you thought it is not a hard job. You will have a dog at home, and your life will be full of colors. Yes, this will happen, but not without any cost. Adopting a dog is not much different from having a baby. Why? Because the doggy cannot speak out to explain what he is feeling and what he wants, same as your newborn. It will take time to understand these things, but this is going to be too much fun. Also easy if you read this text till the end.

Some early days facts:

Here I will tell you about the problems you should take care of while you bring a puppy home. These facts will occur from day one to almost 6 months. So read out carefully if you are going to bring a puppy of a few days to your home.

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1. They need pet food:

Dogs nutritious needs are different from humans. So if you are trying to give them the food you eat, you are doing wrong. Shop for the dog food available in the market among the cat food, canned cat food and the best dog food brands.

2. They are small creatures:

I suggest you choose sensitive stomach dog food from the available puppy food options in the early days so that it can be easily digested. Most of the time, dog food delivery services at your doorstep is also available. They have the best brands and all the varieties. So take their help if you find it challenging to choose the food at the supermarket.

3. They need pet supplies:

This is something you need to do before you bring a puppy home. Buy a dog bed, blanket and some toys. These things will make him happier.

4. Good pet food, healthy life:

Every dog breed has different nutritional needs. Options you have include canned dog food, raw dog food, wet cat food or the best dry dog food. Dry food is the best because it is low in fat and full of nutrition, so best supports in the growing age. Although you must consult your vet for suitable dog food.

5. Train slowly and politely:

Use positive reinforcement and rewards while you train them. Never be harsh. It can have potential behavioral problems. Dogs feel like your friends when you are polite. But remember not to be over sweet. Don’t reward while they misbehave. Ignore them until they correct their behavior. Also, make the process slow. Teach everything one after the other. Otherwise, they will mix up your commands.

6. Don’t leave the baby alone:

As I said earlier, dogs are like your babies. They were separated from their family in their early days. They merely remember who their family mates were. They take you and your family like their family. So they want to spend maximum time with you people. Especially in the early days. Be with them for the maximum time as long as they believe that they are safe in their crate when no one is at home.

7. Handle with care:

They are tiny creatures with a small body. Their bones are weak and may get severe injuries if not handled properly. You may be not harming them, but your child may. So supervise their interactions with children always.

These were a few things you must take care of in the early days of a dog. The story is not over yet. There are many things you still need to understand as they grow big. So stay tuned to read all you need to know about a dog above 6 months of age in the next section.

Growing days facts:

Now the dog is trained a bit. Has developed some habits and now understands your moods. Your job will soon be a bit relaxed but not over yet. Readout to know what you need to understand about your dog in this growing age…

8. Dogs probably don’t feel good sometimes:

They are living things. Anything can happen to them. They can be caught by some disease. The first symptom will be that they will start behaving differently. They will seem to be annoyed. They will not enjoy cat food, even if it is their favorite wet cat food. Switch to sensitive stomach dog food in this situation.

9. Dogs have emotions:

They respond to your tone of voice, but they can’t understand your language when you tell them to do something. They have emotions too. You hurt them when you scold them. This is not good for a good relationship. Take care.

10. Dogs get bored easily:

These creatures love to learn new things. You must learn new tricks and teach them regularly. Keep them busy in some positive activity always to avoid mischievous behavior. Give them the best dog food to sharpen their mind.

11. Dogs need praise:

Appreciate their good behavior as you punish when they misbehave. It will increase their confidence. Pet supplies like toys can also be used as a reward. It will also increase love and affection in the relationship of you both.

12. Don’t judge my yawns:

Yawning doesn’t always mean tiredness. Don’t stop exercises or any other outdoor activity rapidly while you see it. See the whole body language. Maybe your dog still wants to do more fun. Also, please note that the choice of dog food also affects the tiredness of the doggy. If you feed them with canned cat food, they will have less energy. However, they will be more active if you give them the best dry dog food.

13. Dogs like chewing – but not everything:

Dogs like to chew something.  This keeps them busy too. Buy them pet supplies like soft toys that have no choking hazards. This will satisfy their chewing needs. Otherwise, they can chew whatever they find all around the house.

14. Dogs get chubby easily:

Dogs may like canned dog food or raw dog food. But they need a balanced diet. Otherwise, they will become overweight. And obesity is the leading cause of many diseases. To avoid this, give them balanced pet food out of the many dog food brands available in the market. You can purchase puppy food from dog food delivery services too.

15. A dog needs regular grooming:

If you have a dense fur dog, brush the fur daily. Also, give them a bath when needed. This will prevent their skin from infection and hairs from flees.

16. Take care of their teeth:

Wet cat food damages the teeth of the doggies. They need regular brushing to prevent tooth decay. Also, keep in mind that if they have a bad breath irrespective of regular brushing, it is the time to see the vet.

17. Read the food label:

As I earlier said, every dog has different nutritional needs. Keep them in mind while you buy dog food for them. Also, read the food label for protein and vitamin source.

18. Have regular medical checkups:

Dogs may have many fatal diseases that can be cured if diagnosed early. For good health, you must take care of their hygiene. Also, have a complete medical examination at least once a year.

19. Dogs generalize rules:

If you let them lick your face, they will lick everyone’s face they love. But not everyone will like it. So teach them early to lick your face only and not others to save yourself from any embracement in front of your friends.

Above explained were some necessary precautions for your dog in an early age. By mastering each and every point, you will have an easy pet life. But wait, you are not a complete master yet. Read the next section to become a pro.

Some common habits every dog have:

The way you teach your dogs to learn something, at the same time, they are also trying to tell you something. Don’t worry, I am here to help you understand some common things they want to say you. But don’t always generalize. Keep this in mind to have an idea about the behavior only. And judge accordingly. If the judgment goes against what I said. You are right, not me.

20. Wagging tail:

Dogs use to wagging their tail to show that they are happy. This might be because you have praised them or offered some treat.

21. Snout:

Dogs usually snout to have your attention. They want you to move your hand around their body. They want to feel your affection.

22. One paw in the air:

When they are hungry they lift a paw up in the air. This is the time to feed them with pet food out of the many dog food brands.

23. Pressing nose:

This is the call for you to scratch their head.

24. Moving head:

Again, this is also a call for the cat food. Give them best dry dog food to keep them fit. You can also have it from the market and from dog food delivery services as well.

25. Rolling over:

They roll over or rub their belly. This is also a call for your affection.

26. Hind leg standing:

This is again the call for food. Give them raw dog food if they like natural stuff, canned dog food is another option.

27. Licking you:

The call is for affection, specifically for the scratches all around the body.

28. Throwing toys on you:

This is not bad behavior. The baby is hungry badly and wants canned cat food.

29. Biting your hand:

The call is for body scratches again.

30. Lifting back leg:

The call is for affection and love. Come and give a hug to the cutie pie.

31. Touching with one paw:

They want to play. Get up and have some fun time together. Give them the best dog food to support this energy.

32. Rubbing head:

They desperately want your affection right now. Give them proper time daily.

33. Both paws on you:

They desperately want to go outside. Hurry up, please.

34. Eating grass:

This is the sign of poor digestion. Give them sensitive stomach dog food during these days.

35. Rubbing butt:

This is a sign of bad health. Consult your vet now and give them quality puppy food.

Congrats! You are now a pro dog owner. I hope you will have a perfect puppy life now. Best of luck.